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Quality of life assessments

If your pet got diagnosed with a terminal illness or their age is giving them trouble, we could offer a quality of life assessment in your home.


We can prescribe palliative medication (if necessary), explain what to expect on "bad days" and how to make the most of what is left for as long possible (but not too late) with less worry and our full support

Please feel free to Quality of Life Assessment by clicking on the link below.

Pre-euthanasia consultations

Deciding when to let your pet go may be the most difficult decision you ever have to make. We all wish that our pet would pass away in their sleep but sadly that rarely happens naturally or often just after an unfair amount of unnecessary suffering 


If you wish we could visit you for a pre-euthanasia consultation where we could make a plan with you for their peaceful passing. We help you decide on the "right time", walk you through the euthanasia process and what happens afterwards. If you have younger family members we can assist you on how to prepare them for their loss and provide you with appropriate literature.

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Peaceful home euthanasia

We offer gentle, under deep sleep euthanasia only to make sure your pet is relaxed, content and completely pain free before passing. 


We don't rush, use any restraints or shave your pet's paws. If you wish, you can hold them in your arms , on your lap or just sit with them whilst they are falling asleep.


We use a three step euthanasia technique to ensure that your pet does not experience any discomfort and the process takes 45 minutes to an hour depending on your pet's age and health conditions. 


After your pet has passed, we can take a small hair clipping for you to keep as a memento. Another option, is to make ink paw prints for you and your family - these are included for no extra charge.


We also offer a non clay paw 3D print keepsake as part of our service to you. There is no charge to you for this and if you want additional copies, they are available for purchase at a small cost of £10 each*.

*Please request additional imprints at the time of your booking.

Support for young children 

The loss of a family a pet is terribly difficult for all concerned, but with young children there is a delicate balance that must be struck. To help ensure each young person is able to understand what has happened and then to  develop ways to cope, we offer two very helpful books that can assist with this challenge.

My Pet Memory Book is a kind of scrap book that encourages children to remember your pet by creating a lasting memorial


The Invisible Leash is a children's story book that tackles this complicated issue. As the books says, "An invisible leash around our hearts connects everyone to their pets no matter where they are, on this Earth or somewhere beyond"

Personalised aftercare

We are working with a couple of different crematoriums so we can cater for every budget and wish.  Let me tell you a little more on what each option means.


Communal cremation means your pet is cremated with other pets and their ashes scattered together. This is the most affordable option but you won't have a choice where the pet is cremated. 


Individual cremation means your pet is cremated on their own and after cremations all their ashes are collected and as a standard, returned back to you in a scatter tube. We work with Wild Wood Pet Crematorium for all our individual cremations.


But what if you don't want your pet's ashes back but still want them individually cremated? Or you want them returned in something personalised like a casket or urn? Or you would like to bury them once they are cremated? Rest assured, we are able to help in either way - just click on the link below to find out more. 

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