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  • What happens during a home visit euthanasia and how long does it take?
    The euthanasia visits are an average 45-60 minutes long. The reason for that is that we want your pet to be calm and settled throughout the process. He/she will be sedated with a non-painful injection under the skin which will make him/her fall asleep in 10-15 minutes. After this they will receive a strong pain medication injection which will deepen their sleep and let them fall under anaesthesia over another 5-10 minutes. After this they will be given the anaesthesia overdose which will let them drift off in their sleep over another few minutes. Their passing will be confirmed after careful auscultation of their chest.
  • How do I pay for the visit?
    You can pay in advance using online bank transfer or you can use a card/cash to pay at the time of the visit. We accept most credit or debit cards.
  • Can you take my dog/cat with you after a euthanasia visit to be cremated?
    Yes. If you have a dog who weighs over 20kg please only request this service if you are able to assist the vet to carry them to the transporting vehicle.
  • I requested individual cremation for my pet. How long until I get their ashes returned and can I send their favourite toy to be cremated with them?
    Yes, you can send a toy and/or favourite blanket with your pet. We aim to get them back to you within 2 weeks and we will contact you to arrange a convenient day/time with you.
  • Where are you based?
    We are a mobile vet service therefore we don't have a fixed location. We visit pet families across West Yorkshire and parts of Barnsley.
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