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Finding the ideal resting place
Individual cremations


We are working very closely with the lovely Melanie and Richard, who run their own independent crematorium called Wild Wood in Wakefield. Your beloved pet will be looked after by them if you choose the individual cremation option. Please visit their website by clicking on the link below.

Communal cremations


We either use PCS Doncaster or Wild Wood Crematorium depending on your location.  You won't receive your pet's ashes back as they will be scattered at the site of the crematorium.

Home burial

You have the option to bury your pet after our visit but make sure you follow some simple rules:  You must own, not rent, the land where the pet is buried. The pet must not be buried near any water sources. There must be two feet of earth above the pet in heavy soils, and three feet in lighter soils. The pet’s remains must not be hazardous to human health.   

Our Unity Earth Urns are designed to be buried and completely biogradable.

Virtual memorials and more


We partnered with the Paradise Beyond - a digital platform designed to help pet guardians with the loss of their beloved pets. You can create a personalised memorial, light a candle in their memory, receive support during virtual campfire sessions and much more. Click on the link below to find out more... 

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